Fidus Science

New Electrolyte Materials for Next Generation High Performance Batteries

What We Do

We are revolutionizing next generation battery performance by creating high effective and cost-friendly new eletrolyte materials though rational molecular design.

The importance of electrolyte cannot be overstated. As the bloodstream of a battery, electrolyte permeates the complex electrochemical system, touching all key components cathode, anode, separator and current collectors. Each generation of successful battery requires the commensurate electrolyte to function steadily, aka to “keep the chair rocking”. Yet it is often under-researched for new batteries compared to say cathode materials. At Fidus Science, we specialize in designing electroyltes for all types of advanced batteries. Name a battery, and we may just have the right “potion” for you.

High Performance Battery Electrolytes

Power the most daring and advanced batteries

  • sodium-ion
  • silicon anode
  • anode free
  • lithium and manganese rich (LMR) layered oxide
  • lithium sulfur
  • lithium nickel manganese oxide
  • aqueous lithium-ion battery
  • calcium-ion battery
  • organic lithium battery

Optimized for all production form factors


Electric Vehicles
Energy Storage
Consumer Electronics
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