Who Are We

Founded in 2023, Fidus Science is an advanced material science company specializing in electrochemical battery electrolytes. Unlike traditional electrolyte providers, we believe that continous battery evolution requires fundamental material science breakthrough by designing new materials, where pure formula optimization won’t suffice. This process is analgous to drug discovery in pharmaceutical industry, whereby new materials are designed to “cure” battery degradation.

We are backed by well-known VC investors. We also received Leading Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award.

The company is headquarterd in Hangzhou, China.

Our Mission

Empower All Science Explorers to Change the World


The founders bring together decades of deep international experience in materials science research, product development, operations and finance. Their past work in battery science is published in many high-impact academic journals. They all graduated from world renowned academic institutions with doctoral degrees.

The company has a top notch advisory board including seasoned executive at major lithium-ion battery manufacturer, lead battery expert at consumer electronics OEM.

Although an early stage company, the team is quickly expanding.

Why Us?

Located at the world epicenter of renewable energy, the east coastal region of China, we have direct access to the richest and fullest battery ecosystem — suppliers, partners, scale factories, pilot battery lines, advanced test facilities … you name it. And the best part yet, they all reside within driving distance or a couple of hours high-speed rail. 

What this enables us is un-matched R&D efficiency and super fast turn-around for any global customer needs.

We understand solving challenging problems should not break your bank.  We started our journey with your budget in mind, from our streamlined R&D lab, to high quality volume production lines, to global logistics. 

The founders come from an international background. Having lived globally in many countries, they understand first-hand the culture and principles of doing business with a global customer base.

To better server our customers, we plan to open offices in Europe and Americas soon. 

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