Through many years of cross-displinenary research of battery inner workings, we have developed a deep understanding of the many mechanisms on how each type of advanced battery degrades over time at a micro-level. Therefore we designe the most fitting molecular materials and electrolyte formula to significantly improve battery performance.

Compared to state of art commercial offerings, our electrolyte can provide your advanced next generation batteries,

Current Volume Products

ready to sample and volume ship

Sodium-ion battery

  • Layered metal oxides O-type: 4.2V-4.4V 
  • Layered metal oxides P-type: 4.4V+
  • Prussian blue / white
  • Various polyanionic materials

Silicon anode lithium-ion battery
Our electrolytes support stable cycling of Si-based lithium-ion battery, both Si/C and SiOx/C with 30~100 wt% Si.

For other more advanced batteries, please contact us.

Customers and Partners

Our current early customers and partners include a select list of leading manufactuers in battery cells, cathode materials, EV and consumer electronics across the globe. Currently we cannot disclose their names. Please check back often as the list grows …

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